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  • Oct14
    Y5 & Y6 Bikeability Week

    The course is being run by The Cycling Team at Hertfordshire County Council and covers Level 1 (skills) & level 2 (on-road) over 5 days Monday – Friday morning and afternoon sessions.


    Bikeability level 1 will give the basic skills to be able to ride a bike. It will take place away from the road, probably on the playground. The skills they’ll gain from the course are:

    • an understanding of bike safety
    • how to control the bike
    • riding safely
    • carrying out a simple bike check.

    Level 2 – Start riding on the roads

    Bikeability level 2 puts you in a real life situation dealing with traffic and potential danger.

    You’ll be riding along the road and it is normally in groups of 3-12 people accompanied by a fully qualified instructor.

    On the level 2 course you’ll learn about:

    • recognising potential dangers ahead
    • signalling your intentions to other road users
    • riding on a road with traffic
    • the basics of the highway code
    • decision making and how to ride safely.


    Children will need appropriate clothing, for example coats and gloves if it is wet or cold. Each trainee will receive a certificate and badge for the level that they have achieved.  Although participation is not compulsory, I hope you will agree that this is a fantastic opportunity for the children to gain some invaluable life experience and skills.


  • Oct16
    Y2 Paradise Wildlife Park Trip

    The coach will be leaving school promptly so we ask that children arrive on time so that we can register quickly and make the most of our time at the park. We will be returning to school in the afternoon, before the end of the school day.  Children will require a packed lunch.  If your child normally has school dinners, a packed lunch will be provided by the kitchen staff. All children need to bring a water bottle.


    All children should wear school uniform, including the yellow Aboyne Lodge sweatshirt. They will also need to wear a waterproof coat and sensible footwear as the trip will be outdoors. Please can all children bring a backpack, they will need this to carry their lunch, snack and water bottle.

  • Oct17
  • Oct17
    EYFS (YN & YR) Stay & Play (8:30 AM)

    Details to follow

  • Oct21
    ALSA Meeting (7:30 PM)

    Staff room 7.30pm – all welcome.

    A chance to raise any topics

  • Oct25
  • Oct28
  • Nov04
  • Nov04
    Y5 Residential Trip

    Woodrow High

  • Nov08
    Y5 Bake Sale (3:15 PM)
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