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The Eco-Committee is a group of people whose aim is to make Aboyne Lodge more eco-friendly. This council was formed only this year, so we would love any ideas you have to improve our school. Any ideas from pupils or parents would please go to their year’s representative or Mrs Handley (year 6 teacher).

Pupils: We have a very exciting eco-friendly year planned! With various events and activities for you to join in with and visits from professionals in saving animals and natural resources such as water and coal. If anyone has an idea we will be happy to listen.

Parents and Teachers:

We would like to encourage a greener lifestyle, not only in school but at home too. Pupils are encouraged to recycle compost and reuse waste rather than to put it in the bin or even worse, throw it on the floor. It would be lovely if anyone works or knows someone who works in an eco-friendly organisation and would like to do an assembly. If this is the case please contact Mrs Handley.

Written by Gaby (Y6) and Jamie (Y5)