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Aboyne Lodge Curriculum

Curriculum Drivers

At Aboyne Lodge we strive to deliver a creative curriculum that is purposeful, engaging and follows the National Curriculum, but is also personalised and unique to our school. We have identified four ‘Curriculum Drivers’ that are central to all our planning and teaching. These drivers have been designed to support the needs and interests of our pupils and are used to underpin and shape learning at our school. We teach our Curriculum Drivers through discrete lessons but also as an integral part of our cross curricular approach to learning. At the start of each topic teachers and children work together to discuss the drivers and consider how they can drive the teaching and learning within the forth- coming half term. They are as follows:

Growth Mindset

Our pupils are taught to relish challenges, take risks and learn from others. We value the key learning behaviours of resourcefulness, resilience, reciprocity and reflectiveness. We teach this discretely through our PSHE lessons but also embed it throughout our curriculum and reward system. A growth mindset will help each child to achieve and become confident, independent learners throughout their lives.


We believe that educating children in sustainability is vital for the future of our planet. We aim to instil in our children an awareness of their responsibilities and a sense of accountability for their world. We encourage them to care for themselves, care for each other and care for the environment.

The Arts

We believe that the Arts are important for developing children’s creativity, imagination and confidence. Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum provides opportunities for all children to develop and demonstrate skills in Dance, Drama, Music and Art both as discrete subjects and through a cross curricular approach.

Cultural Diversity

We believe our children need to have a highly developed emotional literacy in order to experience positive relationships and develop their sense of justice and ability to empathise (with all/others). We will work to broaden our children’s horizons, expanding their knowledge of the world and encouraging fearlessness of what is new and unknown, celebrating and valuing differences.


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Curriculum Drivers Autumn 1 2019 – links below

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Yearly Plans – links below

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Here is the parents phonic information provided by your child’s class teacher. The accompanying Phonics mats have been sent out via the school Gateway.

Click here to download the information as a PDF: Parents Phonic Information

Here is the YR Phonics Meeting Presentation from Thursday 17th October 2019

YR Phonics Meeting Oct 2019


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