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  • May21
  • May23
    Y4 Ancient Greece Day

    For their History topic, the children in Y4 are studying the Ancient Greeks. We have arranged ‘History off the Page’ to come into school to deliver a one-day workshop to support this topic. They deliver a focused day to develop history education through practical learning, storytelling and drama. The children dress in role as citizens of the time and enjoy a day full of practical, hands-on learning.


    We have been lucky enough to have had ‘History off the Page’ several times at Aboyne Lodge School and the children have always thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a great deal. We feel that Year 4 would greatly benefit from the company’s Ancient Greek Day.


    During the day there will be a Greek banquet. Below is a list of food that are possibilities to include for the banquet. Please indicate in the comment box on Gateway if you are happy for them to try these foods:

    Olives, Sponge cakes, Blackcurrant squash, Grapes, Dates, Figs, Apples, Pitta bread, Feta cheese, Honey.


    We will be giving the children a sheet of costume ideas or a simple option is for your child to wear shorts, a long white t-shirt and a belt.


    On the day of this workshop we will need up to 6 adult helpers (preferably dressed in Ancient Greek costume!). Please pop in to the Y4 team or let us know via email to the office if you are able to volunteer.

  • May25
    Rumble (1:15 PM)

    This gives all the children the opportunity to go into other classrooms to play games and interact with the other classes! Always a fun filed afternoon for all!!!


    KS1 stay within KS1

    KS2 stay within KS2

  • Jun04
    Arts Week YN - Y5

    Details to follow..

  • Jun28
    Road to Russia Dance Workshops

    A fun and exciting workshop for years YR-Y6, in which each class will learn a dance from a different country participating in this year’s football World Cup!