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For general enquiries regarding the Primary admissions process please contact the Hertfordshire County Council Admissions Helpdesk on 0300 123 4043


School Tours

If you would like to book a tour of our school, please contact the school office on 01727 849700 or where you can book a date and time for a one-to-one tour with the Head, Mr Smithard.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):


When should we apply for Reception?

Reception applications can be made from 1st November 2021 to 15th January 2022


How do I apply for Reception?

Details of how to apply online will be sent directly to those families living within Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire County Council encourage applications to be made online. If you would like a paper copy to make your application please contact HCC Customer Service Centre. You can find useful information on the application and admission process here: HCC Schools Admissions and Transport


When are places offered?

19th April 2022 – You will receive an email from HCC Schools Admission with your allocated school


How many children are offered a place?

The annual admissions limit for Aboyne Lodge School is 30 children. All children start school in September.


How are children offered a place?

Please click on this link to see previous years allocation stats:

More information can be found here:

Herts Direct Admissions

Find my nearest school

The school works within the admissions policy of Hertfordshire Education Authority. Hertfordshire’s Admission Department administers the admissions process. There are separate processes for Nursery and Reception and parents need to apply for both stages as they are not linked.

Information about the application process should be sent directly to you from Hertfordshire County Council when your child is the appropriate age. If you live in Hertfordshire you can apply online via the
Herts County Council website.
You can apply for up to four schools in order of preference. If a school receives more applications than they have places available, admission criteria are used and places are allocated to those who best meet the published admission rules.


Can we visit Aboyne Lodge School before we apply?

We encourage all prospective families to visit the school before making their application. Please contact the school office to arrange a date to visit.


If we were offered a place at Aboyne Lodge would we meet the Reception Class team beforehand?

Yes, our Reception will do a home visit and if your child currently attends a nursery, they would also visit the nursery setting and speak with your child’s key worker. All children will be invited into school to meet their teacher and new classmates in the summer term.


Do all new Reception children start on the same day?

We do a staggered start over the course of 2 weeks. We start with 5 children on the first day of term, 10 on the second etc and build it up over the first week so everyone is in on the Friday of the first week. The first week is just half days so the children can get used to their new surroundings. On the second week we introduce our lunch routine so the children stay until 1pm.  By the third week of term our aim is to have all children in school for full days.


What will the children learn?

There are seven areas of learning in the EYFS (early Years Foundation Stage) and the children will be supported to gain confidence in all of them.

  1. Personal, social and emotional development.
  2. Communication and language
  3. Physical development
  4. Literacy
  5. Mathematiccs
  6. Understanding the world
  7. Expressive arts and design


How will the school help my child to be healthy?

We will encourage your child to try different pieces of fruit or vegetables each day, and will provide them with well balanced free school meals at lunchtime.

The children will be encouraged to drink water hroughout the day , and can choose milke or water at mid-morning snack time.


My child has a severe allergy, how do you support this?

You will need to register your child with HCL (Herts Catering Ltd) who provide us with our school dinners. Once this has been approved, HCL will provide our school cook with an individual menu for your child.

All staff have been training in administering an Epi-Pen.


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