Etna Road St Albans AL3 5NL


Tel: 01727 849700


At Aboyne Lodge we have a parking scheme in partnership with District Borough Council. Provided you display an Aboyne Lodge parking permit in your car (obtained from the school office for £1.50) you are able to park close to Aboyne Lodge (see list of streets below) for 15 minutes at drop off and pick up (this does not apply to lunchtime collect/drop offs).

We appreciate that parking is difficult due to limited spaces and residents’ own parking, but we politely ask that when you are parking your car, please ensure that you do not park on the zig-zag lines outside the school. Please park safely and avoid parking too close to corners, where the children are crossing.

It is not legal to park on double yellow lines apart from to let people out. If the car is left unattended then the owner runs a high risk of receiving a parking ticket.
Please be aware that there are other streets where you can park your car and have the 15 min protected time. These streets include:-

Etna Rd;
Worley Rd;
Russell Avenue;
Selby Avenue;
Upton Avenue;
Stapely Rd;
Church Crescent and Gombards (road, not car-park)

All these streets are within 5 min walking distance from the school. Please be aware that there are over 200 children coming into the school, many of whom are on foot, bikes or scooters. Please drive carefully and mindfully and appreciate that it is a 20mph speed limit.

If you have concerns around ANY parking that you feel is putting your children (or indeed yourselves) at risk then please feel free to call the hotline 01727 845283 and a traffic warden will attend within a few minutes.


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