At Aboyne Lodge JMI School, we are working with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), Herts for Learning and local schools so that we can develop our understanding of how children develop their mathematical knowledge and the pedagogy behind it. We are beginning a program that will enable all teachers to be ‘mastery ready’.


Using the Hertfordshire Essentials materials, each year group moves through topics at broadly the same pace.  We do not move to the next stage until children demonstrate that they have an understanding of the mathematical concepts taught.  We promote multiple methods of solving problems ensuring that our children have plenty of time to explore concrete materials so they can grasp the key concepts before moving on to pictorial representations and finally the abstract.  Differentiation allows advanced learners to be challenged with rich and sophisticated problems within the topic. 


The Year Group Long Term Planning sheets provide an outline of coverage, from which the teachers plan their lessons.