Here we celebrate the achievements of past and present students of Aboyne Lodge.

One of Europe's Youngest Taekwondo Black Belts

Sienna (Yr 4) has achieved her black belt in taekwondo. At only 8 years old she is one of the youngest to achieve this in Europe.


Black belt is the 10th belt

Her final grading. consisted of a theory exam including Korean terminology, various types of sparring, patterns, board breaking, pad work and fitness, all of which she completed to a high level.


Sienna has trained at Palcic Taekwondo club in St Albans since she was 3 years old and showed great commitment and dedication, training all the way through both lockdowns both independently and via zoom.

Alby, Finn and Max.png

Cathedral Choristers

Finn and Max joined Alby as Choristers at the Cathedral in January.Until then, they were ‘probationers’,  which involved him attending rehearsals and Evensong before and after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and singing at the service on Sundays. As fully fledged choristers they will attend even more services along with recordings, concerts and, further down the line, international tours! Both families are incredibly proud of  Finn, Max and Ably. Hopefully everyone at school will get the chance to hear them sing one day!

UK's no.1 U9's Girls Sabre

Jocelyn started fencing at Aboyne as part of the PDFA outreach programme in schools. She has continued her fencing outside of school at the PDFA Academy, she has worked so hard in training and in 2021 is currently ranked No.1 in the UK for U9’s girls Sabre!!


County Cricketer

Evan is part of the Hertfordshire County Cricket Development Programme and represents the West Herts Area Team. Evan was also the top scorer for runs in his team all season last year, and his team were unbeaten in their league.


TV & Media Success

Tom Walden, one of our former students, went down the path of Television and Film, working on large projects such as "The Man From UNCLE", the live action "Aladdin" as well as Television Programs such as Jamie Oliver, Lego Masters, Hunted, and Jeremy Vine.


Currently he is a freelance VoiceOver Artist having done work for J.P Morgan Chase, Pfizer and Dunkin Donuts, a Production Coordinator for an International Legal Documentary series, and a public speaker to Universities and Schools about working in the Media industry.