Like most schools we have a school uniform policy. We think that it is important that the children look smart, are well presented and ready for school each day. You can purchase the uniform with logos from the school office, with other items readily available from various high street shops. Payment to be made through school gateway


Yellow sweatshirt/cardigan

White polo shirt

Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore

Yellow summer dress

Black/grey socks/grey tights

Black shoes

Book Bag


Yellow Polo with logo

Plain black shorts

Plain black hoody and joggers for winter

Plimsoles/black trainers

PE bag

As I am sure you can imagine with every child wearing the same clothing, it is vitally important that everything that your child wears or brings into school is named. Named lost property will be returned to the child. Unnamed lost property will be placed in the lost property box.  At the end of each term unclaimed uniform is either added to the second-hand uniform sale-rail or sent for recycling. 

Once you have completed your form please email or hand deliver it to the office.